TLC Email Sign-up & E-News FAQs

Sign-up for our Email & E-News List

We are really excited to offer this service to TLC parents and our community. Signing up for this service allows you to receive important announcements and monthly invoices from TLC as well as our monthly E-News. Now you will have the ability to view past editions of E-News and important emails on the TLC E-News & Email Archive homepage. To our view our archive of past editions, follow this link: TLC E-News & Archive.

How do I sign-up?

Follow this link: Sign-up for our Email & E-News List

Which email address should I sign-up with?

Please use a personal email to avoid issues that frequently arise when using a work email. Many employers block email services which might prevent you from receiving info from TLC.

Which list should I sign-up for?

There is one list for each TLC center. Please sign-up for the center that your child or children attend. 

If I sign-up for more than one list, will I get the same email multiple times?

No. You can sign-up for as many lists as you like. TLC will use these lists to send out emails to parents whose children are enrolled in specific programs. Our E-News & email service prevents duplicate emails from being sent to the same email address.

Can I sign-up with more than one email address?

Yes. You may sign-up with as many email addresses as you need to. Please be aware that in this instance you will receive the same email more than once, one for each email the you placed in the lists.

Can I change my email address or the list I chose?

Yes. Simply click on a sign-up link in the E-News email that you received from TLC. These links can be found at the top, bottom and left side of the emails. The sign-up program will know if you are already signed up with this email address and will allow you to make updates and changes to your email address and list preferences. If you have multiple emails, you will need to do this for each email address.

You can also click on any sign-up link on our website to make these changes, but it is quicker for you use the links in the E-News emails.

Can I have TLC make the email changes?

No. TLC chose a service that would allow you to have complete control over the use of your email address. Allowing you to make these changes guarantees that your correct email address is in the database and that you are receiving only the emails that interest you. You will be able to make changes at anytime of day from any computer.