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  • My child has allergies/asthma. Can TLC handle this?

    State Licensing requires TLC staff to be trained to administer Epi-pens, Inhalers & Benadryl. A TLC Medical Authorization Form must be completed for each type of medicine that might need to be kept at TLC. The TLC office and center staffs will do their best to make you comfortable and confident that your child is well cared for.

  • Does TLC offer financial assistance?

    Yes. TLC can offer assistance to families through the TLC Financial Aid Program for families that demonstrate financial need. For additional information please speak to our Finance Department, at (203) 452-9626 Ext 1003. Your inquiry and information with be treated in confidence.


  • Is TLC open during school holidays?

    TLC follows the school calendar with a few exceptions. We are open on the single school holidays during which the children have no school but most parents work. If you want your child to spend the day at TLC on a school holiday or during the Holiday Recess weeks, you must register your child. There is an extra charge for each single day holiday and recess week that your child attends. Emails are sent throughout the school year to notify you of these days along with instructions on how to register.

  • How can I get copies of my monthly/yearly statements for tax purposes?

    Please email your request for monthly/yearly statements to

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